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Hi there.

My name is Cameron and I am a Fine Art Photographer based in Las Vegas who prints exclusively on metal. I’ve been told that I have a gift that I am extremely grateful for and humbled by. My work hangs in some of the finest homes and businesses in the world. It tends to dominate any space into which it is installed and I’ve had the good fortune to produce many gallery shows over the years as well.


Anyone can take a pretty picture, I seek to tell a story through my work and if that story can in any way enhance or beautify your life then I have succeeded.


My work is an interconnected series of disciplines including vision, planning, execution, and quite often plain dumb luck. It is a further gift to show my life’s work here on this site. I build it, I maintain it, and I’m always trying to make it better, warts and all, this is me. I’m not a faceless corporation and I operate with a small dedicated staff, you can call me. I want you to be thrilled with my work hanging in your unique space. This is truly a blessing.


Click on the links below to see my galleries. I am working on this page constantly. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you, it is my exquisite honor.

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