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My work hangs in some of the finest homes and businesses in the world. I am, blessed, gifted and grateful and I give thanks every day. I assume nothing and take nothing for granted because life is way too short my friends!

Since my father handed me my first camera at the age of 9, I have been capturing images my entire life. My fate was sealed when I wandered into a fine art gallery in Las Vegas in 2008 and bought my first real camera the following week.

The allure of the high places has always called to me.


Initially, I hiked alone up mountains around Las Vegas in the dark and off trail and soon found myself accessing locations that others would not venture to such as the tops of buildings, up on cranes, radio towers etc. I began planning and executing shoots in remote locations like the actual Lands End Arch in Cabo, where other photographers did not go (don’t go there).

During my first year, I began printing and exhibiting my work. I was fortunate enough to be granted residency at one of the largest galleries in the downtown arts district where I showcased nearly 20 one-man shows during my four-year stay! I have shot at many National Parks, and in 2009 I traveled to Luxor, Egypt for a week to capture images of the awe-inspiring temples.

I always try to pay it forward by either helping to teach new photographers or donating my work to various local charities where I also volunteer. I live each day with the knowledge that life is short and we get what we give.


My goal is to leave the world a better place than I found it.

I am a survivor and people often mistake my happy go lucky attitude for inexperience or my kindness for weakness, neither of which are true. I am simply grateful, and none of us could be here tomorrow so CARPE DIEM and just be nice to each other? 


Thank you for stopping by and allowing me the privilege of sharing my gift with you! If my work can beautify your world in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. It would be an honor for me to contribute to your life.

Sending love to all, and don't forget to call your moms too!


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