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I have been so blessed to be able to create this body of work since I started in 2008.

During this time I have evolved from shooting HDR here around town to climbing up radio towers, sneaking onto rooftops, using boom lifts, and generally getting into places that I probably shouldn’t have been in the first place.


As my work has evolved one thing remains constant: COLOR! 

It has been difficult to choose which images from my catalog to bring forward here for the website but here they are. Hopefully, these represent the best of the best and I would be honored to help beautify your life!

Wish you Were Here.jpg
Mister Boom.jpg
The Old Man and The Stairs.jpg
Work Now Coffee Later.jpg
The House That Rameses Built.jpg


I recently switched over from Wordpress (done with it) to Wix (love it!)  So check back as I build the galleries page back up. I assure you that there is nothing else like this.

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