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I have been so blessed to to be able to create this body of work since I started in 2008.

During this time I have evolved from shooting HDR here around town, to climbing up radio towers, sneaking onto rooftops, stealing boom lifts (that happened) and generally getting into places that I probably shouldn’t have been in the first place.


As my work has evolved one thing remains constant: COLOR! 

I am a color junkie and though I would love to wow you and your guests with a large wall print, my real goal is to melt your faces and burn your eyeballs out.

I’m not sorry in advance.

It has been difficult to choose which images from my catalog to bring forward here for the website but here you go. Hopefully, these represent the best of the best and I would be honored to help beautify your life!

Wish you Were Here.jpg
Mister Boom.jpg
The Old Man and The Stairs.jpg
Work Now Coffee Later.jpg
The House That Rameses Built.jpg


I recently switched over from Wordpress (done with it) to Wix (love it!)  So check back as I build the galleries page back up. I assure you that there is nothing else like this.

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