Unexpected Nevada

Cameron Grant - Unexpected Nevada 5
In July of 2011 I was doing another full gallery show at my normal stomping grounds; The Box Office. I hadn’t shown in a while and had brought my A game out. I filled the room with color, lit it up, put up posters all over the arts district, the works.
People were digging it; gawking at the work, trying to figure out how I do what I do, man I love that, it’s why I do this!
Near the end of the evening my mentor walks in with a friend who it turns out is the Exhibits Manager for the Nevada State Museum. He gawks for a while too and then hands me his card. He explains that the Museum is moving to new digs over at the Springs Preserve here in Las Vegas, that they’ve got a brand new 2,900 square foot temporary space opening up.

He’d like to discuss putting my work into it; an exclusive six month residency for the inaugural opening of this new facility.

I had the entire space. We had a budget for prints. Much of the work is now part of the Museum’s permanent collection. The Governor and other dignitaries came to the gala black tie grand opening in November 2011. Many thousands of people have seen my work as a result of this opportunity. We are selling prints up front out of the Museum Store. So often we dream of stuff like this that when it happens we’ve got to do a reality check every few hours. I so deeply humbled and honored by the incredible opportunity, it’s almost beyond words.
I’m actually tearing up writing this. Dreams realized, wow