The Temples of Luxor

Granite Head of Ramesses II - Luxor
In the summer of 2009 on a lark I made a bucket list of locations around the world that I would most like to go shoot photography at. Machu Pichu in Peru, Iceland, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, etc.

At the top of that list was Luxor, Egypt and its magnificent 3500 year old temples.

In December of 2009 after 6 months of intense studies I traveled to Luxor and spent a week there solo shooting in these incredible locations.

I came home a changed man. I came home more seasoned and more mature artist.
I also came home with over a hundred kick ass images which I decided to turn into a full gallery show and a book to go with it. Over the next 6 months throughout early 2010 I toiled endlessly on this daunting project. Finally in June of 2010 I produced an epic one man photographic exhibition at The Box Office titled; ‘Sacred Spaces – Forbidden Places: The Temples of Luxor’. This one night show broke new ground and set a new standard for what a self produced (no corporate sponsorship of any kind, 100% self financed) one man photography show could be in Las Vegas. One of the greatest compliments I received on that evening was one of my mentors here in the arts community walking in with a friend late night.
He said “This is hands down the best show running at First Friday Cameron, and we’ve been to every gallery in town tonight.”

I had arrived.

In 2 years I had gone from being a guy hiking up mountains in the dark and posting stuff on the internet to this. Now here I was doing my best, giving it my all, and running in overdrive.
The place was packed. People stared dumbfounded just as I had at these incredible temples.
You see, not only did we produce this show but we literally transformed The Box Office Gallery itself; stripped and finished the floors, painted the walls, painted the ceiling, the works. It was a whole new space and all of it for my show, because I decided to do more than anyone else. In doing this I challenged myself to new heights. I didn’t do all of this by myself not by a long shot. My girlfriend Melissa busted her ass as much as I did getting the space ready. The gallery owner was working hard too, we had a team working on this project. I am still extremely proud of this milestone in my career. ‘Sacred Spaces’ was the hardest project I’ve ever undertaken and it came off nearly flawless, better than I had hoped. We often settle for ‘good enough’ in life and art, how refreshing this was to have it be ‘better than good’.

Oh and the Egypt set itself? It still rocks, I am so proud of this body of work, nobody else has done this, go see and read about it here:

The Egypt show kicked MY ass personally too, it really took everything I had and then some, I needed some time off.
During this time I continued to tweak many HDR sets that I had already shot and study the craft very hard.
But I was done for a little bit going on ‘adventures’.

It didn’t last long though, for I am a driven man.