The High Points Project

High Points - Frenchman Mountain 8-10

In May of 2008 I began solo night hiking up mountains, off the trail, around Las Vegas, where I live.

I’ve summited or spent the night on top of most of them, alone, in the wind. The images I brought back are pretty special too. This project is called “The High Points” which is also the name of this website and our gallery as well.

The High Points has again taught me self reliance, self determination, and self respect.
I could do this.
Here is The High Points Project:

This is “Extreme Landscape Photography”.
Normal people didn’t do this, but then normal people weren’t going to get these shots either.

I made a conscious decision to be different.
I decided to differentiate my product not only by learning and using cutting edge HDR techniques, but by going to locations that normal people could not or would not go.

In fact I’ve been to a few locations where I’m pretty sure nobody’s been to for many many years, if ever. It was and is great fun, and I still do it regularly too!
I am not nuts, I am gifted, driven and blessed.

Don’t mistake my confidence in myself or my work for arrogance. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s to stay humble and stay hungry.

I will take nothing for granted.
I will assume nothing.