Showing The Work


As I got better at this complex discipline I began printing and framing my work, adding yet another facet to the equation. By the end of my first 6 months I had done my first gallery show down at First Friday here in Las Vegas. After a couple of months of showing in a yoga studio in the arts district I was incredibly fortunate to meet the owner and be offered residency at a local gallery called The Box Office (TBO).

The owner believed in my work and he made me his premiere artist. 8 months in and I was pouring every spare dime and waking moment I had into big prints. Pouring gasoline onto a fire that burned in my very soul.
I began to get better at showing the work which is another set of disciplines that has nothing to do with taking pretty pictures. I grew more confidant as an artist as a result.

Thus my brand was born out of hard work, blessings, risk taking, and good luck. I had a full gallery space to do with as I pleased each month; the gift of that space has paid off in so many ways I can’t even put into words.

By the end of my first full year of shooting, I was filling a 1,200 square foot space wall to wall with my HDR work and The High Points panoramas on a monthly basis. Many artists would kill for 10 or even 20 feet of wall space to display their work. I had over a hundred. People were starting to notice.

I am so eternally grateful for this period in my life. To find one’s true calling at this, or any stage of one’s life…

I was breathing rarefied air.

The door began to open.

Here are some images of my gallery shows to date