My Artist Statement

I’ve been working on my mission statement and my artist statement for a while, so here it is.
This is my M.O., this is who I am and what I want to do.
I intend to continue to refine, pursue and perfect Extreme Amphibious Landscape Photography.
I intend to continue to improve as a shooter and ‘show-er’ too.
How does one differentiate their brand?
How does one set themselves apart from the pack?
These days everyone with a point and shoot camera is a photographer, but nobody is going to do what I am going to do.

And if they do, then I’ll find something else to do that they won’t.
To differentiate my brand and take better photographs. This is where the OCD pays off.
I will be the best that I can be and my images will show it.
I seek to work against the ‘sameness’ that is landscape photography in general these days; the shot from the overlook mere steps from the car, that same old barn, the view everyone has seen (and shot) a million times.

That being said and much like the jazz singer who invariably releases an album of Jazz standards; these quintessential and iconic shots are an integral part of our culture.
You see them a lot because they truly are great views!

The trap of the Landscape shooter as I see it is in shooting nothing but them.
How many more images from Tunnel View in Yosemite do we really need for example?
The trap is sameness.
The trap is complacency.
After a while it all starts looking the same, because for the most part it IS the same.
Breaking out of that mold requires hard work and dedication.

I could blather on about ‘presenting nature in its perfect natural light’ or something along those lines.
But that is not who I am.
I am a color junkie, the traditional rules of landscape photography do not apply to me, I intend to blow your mind, period.
I intend to produce images that challenge the norm and that make people stare dumbfounded when they see the prints.
This is why I get up at 2:30am and hike up mountains. This is why I jump into freezing waterfalls, play in the surge at Lands End, sneak into construction sites and do whatever it takes to realize my vision.

For if my work does not evoke some sort of raw emotion in the viewer or client then I have failed.

This is who I am, and I will literally scream it from the mountaintops.
And I do, just that.
(one of my show posters)
Cameron Grant Brings The Color

Thanks for reading all of this, now go outside and play because life is too short my friends, and I mean that sincerely.

Love to all,