Hoover Dam and the Bypass Bridge

High Points - Hoover Dam and the Bypass Bridge Panorama wm
I continued to seek out new and different ways to capture images and to distance myself from the norm. This included sneaking into places I wasn’t supposed to be and getting up at 2:30am to chase the light. During this time the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge was being constructed just down the street from Las Vegas. I became obsessed with this gargantuan once in a lifetime project and began staking out shot locations around the project. This was dangerous and sometimes illegal work. It culminated with me putting on a construction worker ‘disguise’ complete with a hard hat, safety vest, radio and a roll of paper ‘blue prints’ and then walking around INSIDE the project itself. You know it’s funny; I wasn’t even taking pictures on that trip, I just had to be near this monumental project and touch it.
The shots I got over there were and still are unique.
Here are some of the shots of the Dam and The Bridge

Extreme Landscape is not just about hiking up mountains alone, it’s also about getting to locations that nobody else will ever have access too, unless they’re a risk taker.
Most people are not risk takers.
Most people are just lazy.

We’re all creatures of habit, myself included and breaking out of that mold requires introspective honesty and hard work. For me personally it means looking in the mirror and asking myself “how bad do you want this?”.
I’ve actually tried to talk myself out of doing stuff a few times, but then I think about how much I dreamed about that particular project or shoot or angle, and I forge on. I want it pretty bad, for me there is no other option then to do this. I can’t really explain it and it borders on OCD.