About Cameron

Hi there! My name is Cameron Grant.

I strive to capture images that you will see nowhere else, and to present them as no one else. My passion is HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography coupled with what I call ‘Extreme Landscape’ which involves capturing pictures that others will not take or that others cannot take.

I discovered HDR Photography in July of 2008 when I first saw Trey Ratcliff’s shot of the Austin fireworks,
this shot;

Fourth on Lake Austin

I was thunderstruck…

It was the beginning of a long apprenticeship, and a journey that would ultimately change my life forever for the better.
Since that time I have ‘tweaked’ well over 4,000 HDR ‘sets’.

I now live this art form.
I eat it, I breathe it, it is who I am and what I was meant to do.
As I’ve said elsewhere; “FINALLY, a way to get what’s inside, outside!”

I constantly improve and refine my techniques and my system.
I decided that this would be what defines me and what I would seek out in this craft.

Put simply; I believe that HDR is the future of modern landscape, object, and subject photography. When presented with a choice, the consumer will choose HDR images nearly 100% of the time, every single time.

It’s not even a question with me anymore.

I’ve always been a risk taker and a little on the wild side.
I am a skilled technical rock climber with almost 20 years of experience.
I hike, I camp, I explore, I simply love adventure. So it’s only natural that as I’ve evolved as a photographer, that this spirit of adventure would transcend into my photography. And boy oh boy has it ever!