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Cameron Grant - Corner Number Four



Cameron Grant is a photographer and adventurer who defies all boundaries and convention. Whether it is hiking up mountains alone and in the dark, battling deadly sea waves, climbing hundreds of feet up onto structures in the wind or obsessing endlessly about his next project, Cameron literally goes to any length to get the shot.

Cameron’s work is different because he is different.

A driven and intensely focused man, he is also extremely humble and grateful for all that life has provided. He assumes nothing and takes nothing for granted.

Building on the work of the masters who’ve come before him he tears the conventions of modern photography to shreds and rebuilds them as he sees fit. All with a smile, a laugh and wry self deprecating wit. This gifted and prolific artist’s work hangs in some of the finest homes and businesses in the world including the Nevada State Museum’s permanent collection.

This is where Cameron’s work lives, as well as on Facebook. Please contact us with any comments or questions, or to inquire how to collect our Large Format Limited Edition Fine Art Prints which are printed exclusively on Aluminum. This cutting edge state of the art medium is the future of fine art photography and must be seen to be believed. We have currently taken this work up to a massive eight by twelve FEET.

Viewing this work on a computer screen pales in comparison to viewing it in person, printed, hung and properly lit. People stare completely dumbfounded and at a loss for words. It will enhance, beautify and literally light up any space it is presented in for this is something very different.

Described as “Better Than Real” and “Mind Blowing” in the press, there is nothing else like this anywhere.

Welcome to The High Points and welcome to the mind, talent and vision of Cameron Grant.

Thank you, and enjoy!

LATEST NEWS (in Cameron’s own words)

We’ve got a bunch of cool stuff happening this spring and summer!

Cameron Grant - Looking Down

I was so honored to be invited to shoot the Pacquiao Bradley 2 fight at the MGM Grand here in Las Vegas on April 12th. This was  literally the shoot of a lifetime. As a long time stagehand I’ve often thought during shows “Man, if I could just get up THERE when the show is happening, I could really produce something amazing.” Well this time it happened, I had the run of the venue, I was on point, and I couldn’t be more happy or proud of the results!


In March I was invited to shoot the LIFE CUBE BURN in downtown Las Vegas. Several thousand people turned out to watch this amazing art piece go up in smoke right in the heart of downtown. I nearly got scorched shooting from the top of a boom lift but the final image speaks for itself!

Also in March, my obsession with ‘The High Points’ came to fruition yet again when I was allowed unprecedented access to not one, but two of the high rises on The Strip. One of these shoots took 7 tries to nail but the image I produced is a real stunner and I’m thrilled to be releasing it in the next month or two. I am so grateful for friends who believe in me and want to help me get killer shots. THANK YOU!!

This summer I’m going storm chasing in Kansas with a couple of friends. We’re not looking to get up close and personal with a tornado per se but are hoping to get some great storm shots nonetheless. I’m doing a ton of research on the area right now and have made contacts with some fantastic local shooters who are assisting us with our goals and for which we are extremely grateful.

I’m also traveling back to my home state of Florida to continue my quest for the ‘Ultimate Beach Scene’. I can see it in my head, now lets see if I can ‘see it’ through the L Glass.

Several other projects are in the works; a couple of them so amazing I can’t even talk about it here. Suffice to say that life is amazing, I am truly blessed and I am grateful for everything.

“Carpe Diem” you guys: Life is too short, call your moms and then go outside and PLAY! Love to all, seriously. C. G.